The area

The whole time at the apartment. This would be very boring. But no worries. You are in the middle of an area where you can find a lot of nice places to have fun.

The rainbow Kiez in Berlin Schöneberg


You need something for your fetish collection. No problem! Just have a look at Gear, MrB, Boxxer, R&Co., Butcherei…. Here is a god chance to give out some of your money.

Food & Drink

After it feel free to take a coffee or to eat something. The Brezel Berlin, the Café Kalwil or at Romeo and Romeo are lovely places between breakfast and 5 o'clock tea.

And for the night?

Conquer the various bars and clubs: Woof, New Action, Barn, Connection. There is something for every taste.

The Rainbowkiez

Berlin Schöneberg and its community are unique in Germany. Nowhere else are there as many queer locations as here. Not surprisingly, in 1996 Schöneberg was the very first district where - just in time for the CSD - the city hall was decorated with the rainbow flag. Every year in September, Folsom Europe, Germany's largest gay and lesbian street festival, also takes place here. More about Berlin Schöneberg can be found here. here.

PS: Marlene Dietrich was even already there, only you are still missing!

Discover the Rainbowkiez.